Price Oracles

Price oracles are used to determine the value of assets and collateral to be deposited into lending pools. Once this value is determined, the loan to value (LTV) ratio is set based on the risk factor of the collateral.
The price oracle used is dependent on the type of collateral. Having a suitable oracle feed is a prerequisite for whitelisted an asset for collateralization, thus, all assets used as collateral on Chedda will have corresponding price feeds.
Chedda has integrations with Chainlink price feeds and API3 beacons.

Price Feeds

These provide price feeds for popular ERC-20 tokens and wrapped tokens representing the native on chain currency, such as WETH, WAVAX or WFTM.
Chedda has integrations with both Chainlink price feeds and API3 beacons to access reliable pricing data for assets and collateral in lending pools.

Multi-Asset Price Oracles

Each Chedda price feed keeps track the price of multiple assets, each of which can be queried using the token address.

NFT Price Feeds

For prices of ERC-721 tokens, where a Chainlink price feed is not readily available, Chedda will rely on third party price oracles where available.